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2019 SANY SCC550TB-1 for sale $366,000

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Title 2019 SANY SCC550TB-1
Price AUD $366,000 Excl GST
Listing Type New
Stock Number SCC550TB-1
Refcode TA980271

Specifications -

  • Engine
Model: Turbo charged and charge air cooling system;
Displacement: 5.9L;
Rated Power: 154kW/2200rpm;
Max. Torque: 870Nm/1400rpm;
Emission Standard:Tier III;
Fuel Tank: 400L;

  • Electrical Control System
Integrated Load Moment Limiter control system
with standardized data logger;
Real-time inquiry of electronic load chart;
Self-diagnosis of failures and inquiry system;
Sensors are protected from lightning damage;
Water-proof and dust-proof of machine reached
IP 65

  • Hydraulic System
Hydraulic system consists of electrically-
controlled piston pump with variable
displacement; LS/LUDV main valve;
electrically controlled handle and piston motor of
variable displacement;
Working pressure: 330Bar as the maximum;
Filters: 10u filter for oil-return circuit and 10u filter
for high pressure pipes;
Hydraulic tank volume: 840L;
Safety control: main valve with safety control
valve, which can stop hydraulic system working
when winch or boom movement is limited,
ensuring safe operation of the crane.

  • Main and Auxiliary Hoisting
Rope speed: 140m/min;
Rope diameter: 18mm;
Rated single line pull: 5.1t;
Main hoist wire rope length: 220m;
Auxiliary hoist wire rope length: 130m;
Anti-twist wire rope and drum is specially
designed to prevent rope disorder.

  • Cab
Large glass window allows wider view for
Low- and high-beam lights and rear-view mirror
are installed on the cab;
A/C, heater and radio are equipped in the cab;
Control handles, electrical switches, emergency
stop and ignition key are mounted on the left and
right arm-rest box;
Suspended seat, which is multi-layer adjustable,
is equipped with unload switch.

  • Counterweight
Assembled counterweight blocks are easy to assemble and disassemble. Self-assembly function is provided to simplify transport.

  • Boom
Five sections are made of high-strength structural
steel with fully improved U-shape section area to
reduce the weight. The basic boom is 11.3m and t
the maximum length is 42m;
The telescopic mechanism adopts dual cylinders
and rope crowd to ensure a simple, efficient, safe
and reliable operation.

Fixed Jib
Two sections of jib, one is 7.4m and one is 5.6m;
The assembly angle is 0°, 15°, and 30°;
The configurations can be switched easily to
improve working efficiency.

  • Boom Tip Sheave
Welded structure connects to the boom by pin, so
as to allow auxiliary hook to work.

  • Hooks
1 - 60 ton capacity, sheave block 6, Weight 0.6 ton
2 - 5 ton capacity, sheave block 1, Weight 0.1 ton

  • Hook Latch
Each lifting hook is equipped with baffle to
prevent the wire rope from falling off.

  • CCTV Monitoring System
Two cameras and lights are installed on the rear
of rotating bed to show the areas around
machine tail and winch.

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